Kids Rights!

Lucia Dodds reporting


Kids have rights!It's important to know that. some of them are important (see below) and some not so important (a.k.a to eat burgers ect ect) so, one of them I personally think is purely amazing! its that kids should be able to live with their parents unless they are neglecting/hurting the child =) (sarcastic smiley face) and we should help in the best way we can! here are some charities that help kids and adults:kids can, whitecross, st john, the salvation army

The IMPORTANT rights kids have

here are 10 important kids rights

  • that kids should be blessed with clean water and fresh nutritious food becuase without they will die
  • that kids should not go to juvenile becuase they are just kids and do silly things unlike adults who know not to do something
  • that kids should not be in families that are poverty struck becuase they cant afford shelter or food or OK water or beds
  • that kids should always have a roof above their heads and a warm cosy bed so that they dont get ill and die
  • kids should never go to school without shoes or warm clothes IN WINTER so they dont get hypothermia
  • children should have coats and longs for winter a t shirt and skirts or shorts in summer so they wont be cold in winter and hot in summer
  • children must go to school and have appropriate food and drink becuase other wise they will never get a job and fall into poverty
  • kids 12 yrs or under should not work becuase they could be teased or hurt
  • children must be able to walk freely and not be cooped up inside so they can have some freedom
  • children should have the best education they can get so they can get a well paying job and be wealthy