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Do you know why we call owls wise? its not because they are intelligent and can be trained but the exact opposite , it is those big eyes that make it look like it's always paying attention to every word , even though it's not. It's not enough to sit in front of a book and stare down at it , you have to absorb the information it provides too.At "Elementary Tutoring" we believe that ever kid is smart and has the potential to be the best.When they give it their best try they will always succeed. It is what you give that you get back, same with hard work and success :D.

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We offer basically all elementary subject tutoring we can. Whether it is Science, Math, French, English, Geography, we are there for you. We are here to be your friends and help you with anything you would like to go over or learn. If you have any doubts , ask away. We believe no question is not worth asking because, that could be your stepping stone to success. We think the more you ask , the more you learn more.

Tutor's Qualifications :)

From a young age I was an avid reader. Stories always helped my imagine and think about how it would be in the characters' boots our just start to wonder about their lives . When I look back at my life, I've always been an avid participator and loved to learn. I've gone through enough public speaking classes to know that confidence is key.Always believe that you can do it because you can. All through my life I've been known to be an honours student , always wanting to achieve more. I've also through the years received many merit awards. In addition I got the language award for grade 6. In grade 5,in my old school in Dubai, I was a high achiever and a frequent participator in all school events , enough to handle about a class of 27 students. I was also a prefect there and was dubbed as a very good listener, leader,learner and very good helping hand and mentor.

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We offer free activities which are all taght by Nishita Gandhi, Rakshicaa Thirumuruka and Tehseen Ujjainwala. We beleive summer should be fun yet benefitcal for future years.