wonder woman

wonder woman.... who is she?

wonder woman named Diana Prince is the Amazonas princess.

Wonder Woman fighting the Nazis and criminals and bringing them to various reforms by imprisoning the island.

Prominent forces: aviation, increased power, increased speed, combat skills, enhanced hearing and vision increased.

Superhuman powers and tools given to it by the Olympian gods, to bring peace, love, brotherhood.

About the film

The series Wonder Woman created a fictional character that appears in comic books.

The movie is about a woman named Diana Prince is the Amazonas princess left the world to bring home American wounded in World War II, a pilot named Steve Trevor.

Eventually she becomes his secretary "and unattractive bespectacled nerd" named Diana Prince.

To cover the human figure.

She is fighting to bring peace, love and brotherhood.

Minor characters

Hippolyta - Diana's mother

Donna Troy - Cloning

Steve trever-pilot

The plot changes

Wonder Woman strangled to death in the Maxwell Lord in order to break his control on Superman. This action was contrary to the longstanding tradition of the character, who opposed the killing. This action, and those that followed, ended its membership with Superman and Batman, and its status becomes questionable in the eyes of most heroes

Wonder Woman defends itself from a number of Aomkim attacked her at her home.

She arrives at the hospital to help a wounded boy, she watch people who see the video and react to him in fear.

Wonder Woman - MOVIE TRAILER

The new movie

Soon a new movie coming out , Wonder Woman which plays Israeli model and actress Gal Gadot.

recommended See the movie:)