Pontiac Elementary School


Meet INDIA GRADY! India teaches first grade with us at PES!

India enjoys singing, sign language, and seafood!

She is the middle child of three......

Did you know her favorite sport is BASKETBALL. In fact, there is a girls' basketball award named after her at her highschool in Illinois! During her first year of teaching, she even coached the freshman team at that highschool! Even more cool - DAWN STALEY was one of her favorite players when she played basketball so you know India Grady is a SC Gamecock fan!

A look at our week ahead!

Monday: LABOR DAY holiday

Tuesday: B Day

4th grade field study to Lexington Museum

3:30pm Team Leaders meeting in Media Center

7:00pm School Board meeting at Polo Road

Wednesday: C Day

3:30pm Tech Team meeting

Thursday: D Day

1:00pm IAT

6:00pm Watch Dog kick off

Friday: E Day

Fall Picture Day

Create word clouds with your students

Consider embedding this technology application in student presentations or unit projects as a unique way to summarize or explain a particular topic.


1) 2014 SC Science Standards: We are continuing our transition to the 2014 science standards.

  • Grades K-3 will use the 2014 standards exclusively. There is NO reason for them to use the old 2005 standards.
  • Grade 4 will use the 2014 standards with the following modifications: Grade 4 will not teach the new Sound standard this year. They will continue to teach the 2005 Magnetism and Electricity standard for one more year. They will also teach two additional life science indicators that are from the 2005 standards (in addition to the 2014 life science standards)
  • Grade 5 will use the 2014 standards with the following modifications: Grade 5 will still teach the 2005 life science indicator for cells and the 2005 chemistry indicator for pollution.
  • When in doubt, teachers should follow the Elementary Science Curriculum Alignment Matrix found on the Elementary Science Explorations Google Site. This document identifies the standards for each grade level, aligned resources, links to support documents, and the nine week pacing. It has been updated as recently as the beginning of August.

2) And speaking of the Elementary Science Explorations Google Site...

This is the go-to place for all Richland Two science information, support documents, resources, materials, aligned curriculum materials, updates, etc... I continue to update this regularly as new resources are developed and found. Teachers should look here first when searching for science support.

3) Science Testing.

Grades 4 and 5 will take the SC PASS Science test aligned to the 2005 standards for one more year. This DOES NOT mean they should use the old 2005 standards. If they follow the scope and sequence defined in the aforementioned alignment matrix, they will cover all of the content that should be on the test. Next year, the test will reflect the 2014 standards.

4) Provided the state funds new science materials adoption, we will be reviewing and deciding on new science curriculum materials this spring for use in the coming (2016-2017) school year. Because of funding limitations, it is not likely that all grade levels will get funding at once and it may be a piece-meal adoption over the course of two years. One of the things we will need to do in advance of this is ascertain the status of the various kits we currently use in the district to see which ones can be upgraded to newer versions, which ones need to just be replaced with newer editions, and which titles are no longer aligned and need to be discontinued in lieu of different options. More on this to come...