Sociology Semester Plan

Mrs. Thompson

Day 1 - Friday, January 8

1. Discuss restroom etiquette and how they are an example of norms

2. Read and discuss the Brittany Maynard, Death with Dignity article. How do your feelings about Death with Dignity reflect your values?

Day 2 -Monday, January 11

1. Who Should Survive Activity - How do your choices reflect your group's values?

Day 4 - Friday, January 15

1. Does the mass media create culture or just reflect it? Video and discussion.

2. Finish Mores and Laws Assignment

3. Sanctions PowerPoint & Discussion - Finish Sanctions on Note Sheet

- Check notes for a daily grade!

4. Sanctions Assignment + Culture Reading

Do Mass Media Create Social Norms or Merely Reflect Them?

Day 5 - Wednesday, January 20

1. Introduce sister school in Uganda and brainstorm ideas for the semester

2. Introduce Google Slides

- As a class, make a Google Slides show that describes American culture. Share with the Ugandan school.

3. Introduce the Culture Project

4. Begin the project!

Day 6 - Friday, January 22

Culture Project Workday!

Day 7 - Monday, January 25

Culture Project Workday!

Day 8 - Wednesday, January 27

Finish up projects! Share with Mrs. T by the end of the class period.

Day 9 - Friday, January 28

Project Presentations!

Day 10 - Monday, Feb. 1

Cultural Diversity

1. Cultural Diversity PowerPoint and Notes Sheet (Daily grade)