Lafayette Learning Center Preschool

Monthly Newsletter

October Fun!

October has be an awesome month at LLC Preschool!

The students have made big moves demonstrating new and exciting responsibilities. This month students started arriving off the bus and independently walking to class. Our staff is lined up along the corridors to make sure they are arriving safely. These are big steps for preschoolers!

Students in our three year old classrooms have began a new adventure with a study on balls and our four year old students are studying clothes. We look forward to the wonderful projects and learning that will occur.

Our students also traveled to our Grow It Green Farm and picked pumpkins. The students had a blast learning with Mrs. Tina. We are looking forward to a new adventure in the garden in November.

Family Book Club!

Why should you come to our book clubs? Free books for your home library! Free snacks! Great friends! A party with books! How cool is that? Our next date is: November 25th from 6:00-7:00

A Note from Nurse Mary

By law, all preschoolers must have an annual flu shot by December 31st in order to attend school from January through the end of flu season. After your child gets his/her flu shot, please give your paperwork to Nurse Mary so that she can mark her list accordingly. Those without flu shots in January will NOT be able to attend. No bus, no school, no kidding!

We want to see your child in school every day. Thanks for attending to that flu shot!

Home School Association

Our Home School Association is open to parents of all children in the school! We invite new and returning families to participate in the HSA and join us in this important organization. It’s a great way to get involved with the school and your child’s educational experience. Check out more information here.

Learning Games from Our Curriculum

Mix up pairs of identical pictures and ask your child to find matches and name them. Your child will learn to recognize which pictures are the same and may say the name of each one.

Another idea:

As he or she gets comfortable with the game, add more pairs to each round. Try three or four pairs of cards, and space them so that he must look thoroughly to find each matching set. Encourage him to name all the pictures as he plays.