Happy Close Day!

15 hours left

What can I do for you?

Hey Ladies,

I cannot tell you how amazed I am at your success this month! August is typically one of the hardest, slowest months to sell in retail, unless you are in the business of school supplies :) Everyone is so busy enjoying the last few weeks of summer and preparing to send kids back to school, I know I am!! I hope you can relate to the image below ;)

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In all seriousness though, if you need help closing any orders or socials tonight please let me know. I will be available until Midnight, so even if it's late, just text me. I am always available on Closing day to help you!

Be sure to take a second look at your numbers, many of you are close to promotions, or earning that extra % on your commission. So it maybe in your best interest to reach out and get a couple more orders today.

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Fall is approaching

So I have a couple of things to help you start out your September strong. I know I had discussed with you all the Follow-up Binder, so I wanted to include that info and attach the Profile sheet so you can get started on this for September if you like.

Again, I used a 3 ring binder, and 31 tab sheets, one for each day of the month. Then when I speak to a new prospect, client, possible team member I put it into the coordinating follow-up date. That way each day I can scan my binder for people I need to flow-up with.

Keeps thing neat and clean.

Other hints

Now make sure you start filling up your calendar now.

  • Front load your schedule, so if people cancel you still have time to reschedule or get something else added in.
  • Go for 3 contacts a day, that will help you get your schedule filled.
  • Set your goals! I really urge you to do this because that is how I hold myself accountable. Share them with me or a friend, that way we can make a plan to achieve it. Truly that is how I have found success so far. Molly and I are accountability partners. We check in with each other everyday via call or text to see if we have done what we said we would do! It really helps!!!
  • Check our your community Calendar and coordinate your events.
  • Pack your pouches! Always have product with you to share!!
  • When you are at Fall sporting events for your kids, keep in mind there are always people to share BC with.
  • With holidays coming, send info to your clients spouses about specials and always offer gift wrapping. Men LOVE that!!
  • Think about hosting a customer appreciation event, have a special just for them, free product or sneak preview. Makes them feel special and gets you repeat business.
  • Mind your month! Set your intention for the month and follow it! Post it around the house! Tell your friends, that way you keep moving toward your goal!


Remember corporate works for you! Send friends and family to these events, it is a great way to reach out to people and let them experience BC.

  • Portland, OR 9/21
  • Seattle, WA 9/22
  • Frontenac, MO 9/3
  • Westlake, CA 9/9
  • Jacksonville, FL 9/30
  • Tampa, FL 10/1

All invite are BTC for more info!

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