Peek at the Week

February 8-12, 2016

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Monday, February 8

  • Art with Holly

Do: Read 15 minutes

Bring: ALC/Reading Club Applications due ( for supplemental after school reading)

K-2 Play Auditions in the cafeteria at 3:50 (~1hr)

Tuesday, February 9

  • Music with Janet

Do: Read 15 minutes

PTSA Meeting @ 6:30 in the media center

Wednesday, February 10

Substitute Teacher all day (1st grade planning)

  • Gym with Anne

Do: 15 minutes of reading

Bring: Library Books

Bring: Gym shoes

*Students are welcome to bring their valentines today or tomorrow.

Thursday, February 11

  • Art with Holly
Visit from contemporary artist, Dyani White Hawk

Bring: STAR folder

Do: Read 15 minutes

Conference Sign Ups begin today at 8:30am.

*Students are welcome to bring their valentines today.

Friday, February 12

  • Music with Janet - (but will do Jump Rope For Heart in the gym during this time)
Bring: One valentine for each classmate (optional)

Bring: Completed reading log

Bring: Homework Packet

Bring: Gym shoes

Bring: Any donations for Jumprope for Heart


Thank you to all of the chaperones to came with us to the Minneapolis Institute of Art! It wouldn't have been possible to split into two groups without volunteers who were willing to spend time with us. The smaller groups gave us more access to the pieces. Pictures of our field trip will be throughout this newsletter.

Valentine's Day

Our class will have a small Valentine's Day party on Friday, February 12. If you choose to bring valentines, please be sure to bring one for everyone in our class. Attaching a small treat is fine (stickers, small bit of candy, playdoh, tattoo, pencil, eraser). Addressing a handful of valentines over a few nights will make the task manageable. Do not procrastinate! Bringing valentines is optional. Be sure to send your child's regular snack.
  1. Adelyn
  2. Antonio
  3. Audrey
  4. Bernee
  5. Calen
  6. Easton
  7. Elliott
  8. Emma
  9. Erin
  10. Fatemeh
  11. Jack
  12. Jamison
  13. Josh
  14. J'saiah
  15. Lane
  16. Mayar
  17. Owen
  18. Peyton
  19. Riley
  20. Rory
  21. Samantha
  22. Sophie
  23. Will
  24. Zoe

Artful Learning

We have started our new Artful Learning unit with the concept of Connections. Students have started exploring "artifacts" to learn about a group of people. We have the district's culture trunk filled with items from Minnesota native americans. Students are going through stations, sketching what they see and make predictions as to how the items are used. Later, we will discuss the items and reveal our next masterwork. We are planning on having Dyani White Hawk come to talk with the first graders about native american culture and traditions. As a contemporary artist, she has a piece hanging at Mia. We found it! (See below)
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Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

First graders are naturally wiggly...this is why we have stability balls, regular movement/dance breaks, and recess each day. I don't worry too much about wiggling as long as it doesn't interfere with learning. If you are noticing that your child is having difficulty sitting still or staying on task, here are some things to ponder:

*Consider what they are eating.

Are they eating a substantial breakfast? A healthy snack? Be aware of additives/dyes.

Are they drinking chocolate milk at school? It is loaded with sugar!

*How much sleep are they getting? Their bodies and minds are growing at a terrific rate. Being overly tired can actually rev their engines and lessen their ability to concentrate.

*How much screen time are they getting each day? This includes video games, tablets, phones, tv, Nooks, iPads, etc. at home, school, the car and Kid Safari. Our class usually goes to the computer lab for 30 minutes each Monday and Friday.

*How much exercise are they getting each day, especially before school? Play time should far outweigh screen time! Here's an analogy: Imagine puppies...cute, wiggly, happy puppies climbing all over. After taking puppies outside to play and run around, what happens? They are tired, relaxed and better able to listen and learn to skills. Puppies that are not allowed to run around will flat out, tear the house apart. (I realize that first graders are not puppies, but I think you get my point.)

*How much unstructured time/free play do they have? We live in such a structured society, there is little time for problem solving/creative play. A little boredom at home isn't a bad thing. It leads to day dreaming and finding creative ways to fill time/problem solve.

Silent Auction Items

In the spring, there will be a Silent Auction at our Hillcrest Carnival. If you haven't been to the carnival before, it is an indoor event with inflatables and games for the entire family and the event is A LOT of fun! There will be a silent auction in the library. You don't want to miss this! Here are some items that I have seen in the past: gift cards to restaurants and coffee shops, coffee/adult beverages, bowling parties, landscaping services, theater tickets, pieces of art, tickets to sporting events, signed memorabilia, massages, hair/beauty products, party packages, music/instrument/sport related lessons, etc. Please contact Thea Sheffert if you are able to donate a service or item to the silent auction.

Changes in Dismissal

Please continue to send a note with your child if there is a change in their dismissal routine. A substitute doesn't have access to my email or voicemail and I attach the notes right to our dismissal clipboard. If there is a last minute change, it is fine to email me. If you don't hear back from me, please contact the office. Keep in mind that our trusted school nurse, Susie, is no longer at Hillcrest. It will be helpful for the person(s) filling in if you remember to call the attendance line.

Summer Camps

  • Camp Invention

If you are looking for an enriching, hands on and challenging camp for your child, look at Camp Invention. It will be held at Oak Grove Middle School and it is a fun camp for curious minds! Registration is discounted if you sign up before February 12th.

  • Camp Kota

If you're looking for a traditional camp, be sure to check out Camp Kota. Activities include swimming, silly songs, and games. It is engaging, popular, and well run! Registration opens March 15.

Upcoming Events:

February 15 - No School - President's Day

February 25 - Happy Birthday to Jamison!

February 25 - Field Trip to Old Cahill School

  • Chaperones: Paige P, Sarah F, Ashley R.
  • Students signed up to bring lunch from home: Jack, Peyton, Emma, Adelyn, Jamison, Bernee, Zoe, Antonio, J'Saiah, Owen, Easton, Fatemeh, Lane, Elliott, Will, Samantha, Riley, Audry
February 26 - Family movie night: "UP" @ 6:30 in the gym (doors open at 6pm)
February 29 - Book Fair all week
March 9 - Book swap preparation - bring up to three books if you'd like to participate

March 10- Book Swap

*A reminder to continue collecting box tops. There will be another collection in the spring.

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