Working Conditions

Working conditions were dangerous and terrible.

Working in the factory could cause lung injuries.

Workers who worked in textile factories could suffer from lung damage. Textile mills were usually poorly ventilated. Lint in the air would be breathed in and would accumulate in lungs. Breathing would also be difficult because of the poor quality of air.

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Workers had to work long shifts and rarely got breaks.

Workers had to work 12 to 16 hours a day and six or seven days a week. They were beaten if they slowed down. Workers rarely got breaks and when they did they had to have permission from the factory owners.

Workers could get injured very easily.

There are many moving parts on every machine. Injuries also occurred because of all the machines fit into small areas. Workers would also get injuries because of long hours and dim lighting.

Working conditions got better though.

Working conditions got better when the government passed laws reducing the amount of hours workers could work. The government also made laws so the factories had to improve health requirements. They also made it so workers got disability if they got sick or injured.