Life Before The Constitution

By Chloe Calhoun

Life as a Farmer

I am a farmer. I live in Western Massachusetts. I make my living by farming crops. I am worried about money I owe to the bank, I am behind in taxes, and I could be thrown into jail for owing money. I felt justified in Shays Rebellion because I had no choice. I had muskets, sticks, and swords. I want the government to stay with the majority of the people and I don't want the federal government to have a lot of power. I would like to be able to vote no matter how much land I have.

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Life as a Worker

I am a shoemaker. I live in Manchester, New Hampshire. I make my living by making shoes. I get paid according to the number of shoes I make. I had to go into debt for $50 to buy my tools when I went into this line of work. I can't pay this because there is less money available now. After I fought in the war, I got my IOUs. I sold my bonds to a banker for what little I could get- about 10 cents on the dollar. I think that the wealthy people of America want us to pay higher taxes so that they can get even richer. I mean us farmers and shoemakers and farmers were bleeding blood and guts and all of the wealthy healthy rich people were sitting along the sides screaming like girls and brushing their healthy hair.