Ukraine crisis

Ellie Manning

How do you think this conflict will end?

I think that there will continue to be unrest in the Ukrainian area. It will be hard for Ukraine to recover. Especially after the massacre that occurred a month ago. I believe that there will be long term effects from this crisis. There will be tension between the West, Ukraine, and Russia for many years to come.

What role do Russia and the West play n the Ukrainian crisis?

Since the president refused to sign the treaty, there is a stand-off between the Western powers and Russia. There isn't any communicating or interacting between the two.

Why has there been unrest in the past month?

There were people who were attending the governmental district and police official shot them by snipers and killed 17 people.

Who are the protestors?

Anti-government extremists, or anyone who is against the Ukraine government including Ukrainian citizens.

Who is president Yanuskovych and why did he flee?

He is the president of Ukraine. He fled because he signed a treaty with the Ukraine opposition.

How did the unrest in Ukraine begin?

Yanuskovych promised the people of Ukraine that he was going to sign a treaty that would increase the connection between the Ukraine and European unions. In doing so, they would've become a very prosperous nation. He didn't sign the treaty because he wanted all of the power. By not signing the treaty, he cause a lot of unrest and tension between the two countries.