Fusion Foundations Training: Part 2

Goals to Grow, 3-way calls, & Your BBL

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R+F Training: Part Two

In this section, we are going to focus on setting goals to grow your business, the art of the 3-way call, and how to plan your launch. Remember - you CAN and WILL see success with this business with consistent activity! Determine your goals and be consistent!


The best practice is to sign 2 new consultants every month and to teach your C’s to do the same. The key to this is consistency with new reach outs! Don’t fall into the trap of spending all of your time on one prospect! If you are looking to grow your business, an ideal week should look like this:

• Reach out to 20 new people a week - 3 per day – by phone or email
• This should lead to 5-7 conversations about R+F
• This should lead to 3-5 calls with your sponsor and the prospect. DO THIS!!!
• This should leads to 1-2 business partners

By repeating this process with 20 new people each week = growth of your team, organization, and paycheck! It is a proven formula that works, try it!

Phone calls are always going to give you best results. Emails are great if they are personal. Remember to listen and make it about them. If you call and say this is so great for ME, and I love it because it works around MY schedule, and you never shift to “so I thought of you because I think it will work around your job and kids and husband and just feel it could be such a blessing for you guys!” …if you don’t make this transition, you will get the response: “Wow, I’m so excited for you. This is going to be great for you. Keep me posted on how it goes.” All because you didn’t include them and you didn’t ask!

By leading with the business in these conversations, you will also get new PCs every month as you talk with people who aren’t interested in the business but are in the products. Don’t prejudge though! ALWAYS start with the business and transition to products vs. only asking about the products from the start. You truly never know who may be looking for what you have to offer.

The Art of the 3-way Call & Handling Objections

Often referred to as the Life-blood of our business, a great 3-way call is intentional, concise and thorough - all in about 30 minutes! We have alluded to the importance of this process in prior training, but the intent of this call is to alleviate the pressure of having to know everything about this business from day 1, and really just sit back and rely on your sponsor's expertise as she shares her own story, provides a unique perspective, and answers any questions your prospect may have! It is a beautiful thing when executed as designed! So here's how it works:

1. Introduction and Setting up the Expectations of the Call
After you are introduced, you say, “Hey Susi Q, I am excited to have you on the line, any time that someone is interested in R+F, we like to have a call like this so that you can get all squared away. You might have a few questions you need answers, and like so many others be ready to get enrolled when we finish our call, which of course we’ll give you the option of as well. I'd love to start by quickly sharing my story with you and then I'd be glad to answer your questions, sound good?" (Ask #2 question, then share tailored story)
**I use this time to “disarm” a nervous prospect and help them let their defenses down, putting myself on their same playing field and keeping this casual

2. Get to know the Prospect on the other end of the Line
“Before we get started, can I ask, what intrigues you most about Rodan and Fields?” The answer to this question will give you everything I need to know about how to tailor my story and close the business.
**At this point, I have the opportunity to make this business both relatable and ABOUT THEM.

3. Tailor your Story
If they are needing freedom, talk about the freedom you have found and what residual income looks like. If they are wanting time flexibility and don't want to be tied to a brick and mortar, then talk about that. If they want to stay at home with their littles, talk about how great it is that so many Moms are doing just that. et al.
**Your story should not exceed 2-3 minutes… this is not about YOU, but
should definitely speak to what this biz is and what it has done for you in a way that relates to THEM .

4. Question / Answers
Then I transition from my story to them, I say, "so that is a little bit about me, tell me what questions you have?" We go back and forth...
**The bulk of time should be spent here…. And it is typically in this session of q&a that you know where the prospect is in their decision making… if they don’t have any questions and are ready to go, enroll them! If they don’t have questions because they seem extremely disinterested, don’t be afraid to ask them their thoughts…. Either way, end here….

5. Closing / Enrolling / Follow up
-MOVE THEM ALONG in this process….lead them in the conversation to make a decision for themselves: "Great, well what I hear you saying is that you feel like you need xyz, I hope that I covered how this can give you just that... It also sounds like you are ready to get started. Do you have any more questions before we get you enrolled? - [short pause] It'll only take us a couple minutes to collect your basic information?
**Make sure to explain the importance of 995 kit (or 695) and CRP.... this is business ownership and overhead comes with ALL businesses. Ours is not a royalty, but gives you the GOODS (products) and SERVICES (websites) we need to keep our business running.

**Remember, let them put the brakes on... you are moving the momentum forward ALWAYS and letting them stop you.

And...boom! All you have to do is sit back and let the magic happen! For a little more schooling, tune in for some extra 3-way training to perfect YOUR art! Click on the link here: http://fccdl.in/G6Zyo8MvR

You WILL hear objections, and you will hear "NO" much more often than you hear "YES..." However, it is our experience that people often object when they don't have accurate information, are making inaccurate assumptions, or simply have not had their questions answered. The call below addresses this topic in particular, and after listening, you should have a plan of attack in place on how to handle those objections! Click here to listen: http://fccdl.in/LxCNjtk3s


It’s also time to really start planning that launch! As we are not a home parties company, this is really the only event that you will have, so we want it to pack a punch!

First – pick a date and get invites out about 10 days prior to the event. A few tips – Tuesday and Thursdays are usually best, and most launches occur in the evening in the 7-9pm timeframe. Moms are looking for a break mid week and babies can stay at home with daddy. These are also typically not incredibly popular nights for social events, so a safe bet. Sundays can also work but know they won’t be as busy because some people like to really protect their weekend time. Use this as a guideline, but think of your audience – when they would be most likely to come – and schedule it then! If you don’t live in same city as your sponsor, coordinate schedules to see if they can come in or if they can skype in. Sometimes your sponsor will fly in for a group launch if you can get some prospects to join you in business quickly.

Next – invite everyone you know! Even if they don’t live in town or you know they won’t be able to make it. This invite is about more than just an invite to attend the actual event – it’s also an announcement of your new business and will open up the door for follow up conversations with those who aren’t able to come! We love the online invites that "Paperless Post" has to offer, and your sponsor can direct you to some great examples of launch invites if you need some help with language, and can assist you with Paperless Post if it is you are a first-timer.

Once your invite is sent out, start calling everyone you really want and giving them a taste of what this is. This will insure they either come to party or consider talking to you before and maybe joining before party and you launch together!! Don’t wait for your party to start your biz. It starts day one.

Make sure you have lots of wine and champagne, some light snacks and a cute display for your products. Chargers are a great way to display each regimen and toss some tissue paper in your product bags. Boom. Party started.

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Your Homework This Week:

Reach out to 20 people and bring your sponsor 3 calls with prospects! Set your Launch Date if you haven’t already, and get invites out to your guests. Your sponsor will work with you to make sure you have pertinent flyers printed out for your event!

Adapted for Fusion Foundations

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