Walter Elias "Walt" Disney


The Early life of Walt

Walt was born on December 5, 1901 to Elias and Flora Disney. He was born in Chicago and lived there till he was four. After four years in Chicago him and his family moved to a farm in Marceline, Missouri, his older brother Roy had just purchased farm land. While living in Marceline Walt developed a love for drawing with one of his familys nehiboors "Doc" Sherwood. he would pay walt to draw pictures of his horse.

Teen Years

In 1917 he had acquired shares in the O-Zell jelly factory in Chicago and moved his family back to the city. That year he started his freshman year of high school and also took night courses at the Chicago Academy of Fine arts. He became the high schools cartoonist for the school paper, he would draw about patriotic topics on WWI. He soon dropped out of high school in dream to join the army but at the age of 16 was rejected. But then after joined the red cross and was sent to France for a year, there he drove an ambulance,but only after armistice was signed on 11-11-1918.