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Should Gum be allowed in School?

Schools and The Sticky Situation!

Gum is one of the Orange County's biggest problems in schools. Kids stick them under desk, always chew them in class, and are generally not good for kids. However, the new article "To Chew or To Not Chew" begs to differ. This new article claims that gum is good for kids, increasing their focus and calming their nerves. I believe that this article is correct in saying that kids in schools should be allowed to chew gum.

All for Gum, Gum for All!

Gum isn't just an annoying candy that kids chew. Gum actually increases your focus and your brain power. According to studies from A. Center for Occupational and Health Psychology, gum increases test scores by 10%! That could mean the difference between an A or a B! Some people say that gum is an unhealthy addiction and will just rot your teeth quicker. However, gum isn't usually addictive and if you eat sugar-free gum, then your teeth will actually be cleaner!