The North Star Gazette

By: Zoe and Madi


As you may know Venolope passed over spring break. We all decided to have a memorial service. We buried her under a small cherry tree at the school that we know will not be disturbed. The weather fit the mood of the service very well, being rainy and peaceful. We enjoyed her favorite snacks that day, popcorn and goldfish. We will remember her and miss her dearly.


On Friday the fifth grade went on our Chicago field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry. We saw a lot of exciting things.


Just this week, students started ISTEP testing. We worked on our iPads, completing math with more to come. We studied hard, and took our time solving problems. We also practiced the life skill of patience, working to stay calm while waiting for testing to end. Due to testing, we were not able to take our iPads home with us, because they needed to be charged and brought to school everyday, and as you may know, that was a difficulty with our class, for we forgot our iPads often. It was difficult to have days without them, but of course, we were able to manage. Wednesday, we were given a break. After this session of ISTEP is finished, we won't have it for another year!
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In Art we have been working on our pinch pots. We made them out of clay which we rarely us in art class. Also our North Art Show is coming up on May 13, which every student will have two of their favorite pieces in from throughout the whole year.

Social Studies

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The Revolution

We are learning about the American Revolution. The unfair taxes, The Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party, The Stamp Act. This are all the things that started the revolution. The colonists believed that they should not have to be ruled by someone who lives across the ocean. Also all the unfair laws and taxes, which they had no vote in at all. Everything was unfair. Even the tax on paper and tea. They had no rights at all. They left to be free and they still are ruled over.