Cambodian Civil War

By: Hannah Cavanaugh


ISSUES-Difference between the Cambodian Civil war and the American Civil War

1) There was a genocide in Cambodia right after the war was finished.

2) Another difference is that in the Cambodian War, it was between the Khmer Rouge, a communist group, and the government. The American War was between the Confederates and the Union.

3) In Cambodia, there was 175,000 deaths in the war alone (not including the genocide), when in America, there were 620,000 deaths in the war.


1941- Prince Sihanouk becomes king. Cambodia is occupied by Japan for World War II

1953- Cambodia wins independence from France, King Sihanouk was ruling at the time. Cambodia becomes King Cambodia

1965- Sihanouk stops communicating with the US and allows a small group in North

Vietnam to prepare for a plan or to take action against the US government in South Vietnam

1969- The US starts a surprise bombing campaign against North Vietnamese forces in Cambodia.

1970- Lon Nol overpowers Sihanouk in takeover, proclaims the Khmer Republic and sends an army to fight the North Vietnamese in Cambodia. Sihanouk forms a small group movement, Cambodian army loses territory from North Vietnamese and Khmer Rouge small groups.


Arms and Army

Some Weapons: Handguns, assault rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, mortars, howitzers

People who had the advantage: Khmer Rouge

Resources- How They Influenced This War

Resources and technology affect civil war in many different ways. If you have good quality technology and essential resources, the chances are that you will be in good shape. On the other hand, of your have poor technology and not a lot of resources, the chances are that you will struggle. The Khmer Rouge had much better resources and technology. They controlled mostly everything.


The alliance was the VietCong and they were helping the Khmer Rouge. This greatly impacted the war.


All of the different ethnic and religious groups have had confrontations during the war. The different people in the war made it even worse to live in Cambodia during the war. The Khmer Rouge's beliefs were completely different from the governments and that is what caused confrontation.
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