For Sale- The Apple Car!

Only for $42,000.99!

The Apple Car is finally in stores!

The Apple Car is finally released for anyone who has the desire to buy it! This car comes with a solar panel that will power your car. If fully charged this car can go about 2,000 miles till running out. The Apple Car also has a instant GPS so you don't have to drive, the car will drive for you! Just give it the location and it will be on it's way! And the car is voice activated so you can tell it what to do and it will do it for you! Trust us, it can handle the traffic and other things. And there is a manual mode if you want to drive it yourself! The last feature we will say about this car is the Apple plugin. You can plug in your devices (only from Apple) to get free WiFi from the car and you can play your music in the car or what not by Bluetooth connection! Also the car activates by your hand so you just have to put your hand on the car and it will sense your hand and if it is your hand the door will open! This car can also charge your IPhone and other devices but you have to have the charger! So go ahead and buy this amazing car!

For Sale now - $42,000.99

This Car is guaranteed safe!