How To Become A Baseball Manager

Ron Washington!!!!! Becoming a baseball manager

First Step On Becoming A Baseball Manager

Get experience either through student internships with a major league team's player development, scouting or other department, or at the minor league level. The advantage of minor league experience is that you're likely to have more responsibility right off the bat (pardon the pun) and you'll immediately be surrounded by "baseball people" from whom you can learn plenty. Internships most often run during the summer and information, including applications, can be found through a team's human resources department. Like many businesses, baseball can be a who-you-know field, so pursue any such relationships, but don't let a lack of a Major League network of friends or relatives stop you. Contact minor league teams in your area directly for internships or other opportunities

Second step on becoming a baseball manager

Be patient. Washington Nationals GM Jim Bowden once said a smart newcomer to the baseball business should have "three ears and no mouth" for the first few years. If you get an opportunity, either through an internship or an entry-level job, work hard, ask questions and absorb as much as you can by sitting in on meetings and just talking with people in all aspects of the game. Don't expect to walk in the door and get a GM job tomorrow. And just know that if you get an internship or entry-level job out of college, you're not going to be making what your investment banker classmates are... at least not right away

third step on becoming a baseball manager

Bring something other than fantasy baseball stats to the job. Baseball executives don't want to hear who they should trade and why from someone outside the business. They do want folks who have certain talents, whether it's crunching numbers with a computer, speaking a foreign language (such as Spanish, Japanese or even Chinese, as the game seems poised to expand there) or a knowledge of contract law and economics. If Major League Baseball ever adopts a salary cap, someone who can make the team's salary numbers work will have the upper hand. There is no one direct path, as GMs have come from Wall Street and up through the ranks of a team's scouting department. Others played the game professionally, which is always a plus.


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