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The Lost Book of Remedies By Claude Davis Review

We live in a society that is considered to be so “modern” and “advanced”, that we completely forgot the power of nature our ancestors have been using for millennia. In the past, people used to rely on the natural elements from the earth to cure diseases, improve their wellbeing and live healthier lives. Today, we rely mostly on man-made medication.

The Lost Book of Remedies comes as a vital book for living. This powerful tool includes numerous remedies that have been used by our grandparents to survive the wildest of conditions and get through two World Wars. It also includes a plethora of natural remedies for any type of condition or ailment.

Truth be told, God has blessed us with numerous herbs and plants that we can use to treat any kind of infection and to protect your bodies from external threats. Thus, the best way to deal with any infection or disease is to choose a natural approach.

The best way is to use the power of the nature in order to stay healthy. It is a proven fact that people who live on Islands, together with people from Okinawa and Japan, live longer, are healthier and also happier than most of us who live in big cities.

They are still leveraging the power of the nature to enjoy a stronger immune system, benefit of more mental strength and stay protected against any type of ailment. You can follow in their footsteps by using the materials and information found in the Lost Book of Remedies. Let’s take a closer look at this precious resource and discover how it can help you live a longer, happier life, free of ailments and worries.

What is The Lost Book of Remedies About?

The Lost Book of Remedies is a complete eBook that contains a massive collection of natural remedies that were used in the past by our ancestors. Using these remedies, people have been able to live longer, survive for months in harsh environments and even stay alive.

These remedies can successfully replace any survival kit or modern medication we use today. They are also tested and proven time and time again by numerous people.

The information in this book can help you survive bug attacks, be protected against wild animals and even survive war. Inside this complete survival program, you’ll discover common plants that grow in your backgarden.

These plants are extremely valuable and potent. If you want to prepare yourself for an unforeseen situation, such as a calamity, World War 3, fires, or even a zombie apocalypse, then you must read this eBook.

Who is the Author of The Lost Book of Remedies?

The Lost Book of Remedies is an eBook written by a survival expert known globally. Claude Davis was featured in many TV shots and has written numerous books, including the best seller The Lost Ways.

His new book is one of the finest pieces of information you can get about survival in 2019. It is by far one of the most complete and comprehensive natural guides you can find on the market.

Claude has done a marvelous job putting together information he has studied in books or collected first-hand from his great grandfather.

You will love the precious tips he offered and you’ll find them extremely useful.

Some Forgotten Remedies I Discovered In The Lost Book Of Remedies By Claude Davis What I have discovered inside this book may surprise you. Lost Book of Remedies includes some amazing recipes, which are extremely effective, although they are quite simple to prepare.

For example, honey lemon water makes up the perfect healing substance, while onion tea can get you rid of colds or flu in an instant. Salt sock is perfect for treating foot or ear infections, while sodoul is a powerful remedy against colds.

What Can You Expect From This Lost Remedies Book?

The Lost Book of Remedies provides you with hundreds of easy-to-prepare recipes and useful information about how to use the power of nature in your advantage. First, you discover how to prepare natural remedies from nationwide plants, backyard weeds, water loving plants, shrubs, trees and even forests.

You will learn how to treat a wide range of conditions, from indigestion and cold to mental illnesses, cognitive diseases, high blood pressure and even snake bites.

This book contains plenty of pictures with each plant and with each recipe. You’ll also discover detailed information on how to harvest each plant and where to find it. You’ll find all plants on the North American soil.

Inside this book, Claude will guide you step by step on how to find the right plants for your condition, how to cook them and how to make the most out of their health benefits. You’ll become an expert in plants in no time at all.

The Lost Book of Remedies Bonuses:

  • In addition to the eBook, you get 2 free bonuses:

The Disaster Medicine booklet and The 72 Square Feet Garden of Medicine. Both eBooks are extremely helpful, teaching you how to stay away from diseases by cultivating medicinal plants right in your backyar.

The Lost Book of Remedies Pros:

  • Lost Book of Remedies is a complete guide on how to stay healthy and use the power of nature in your benefit.

  • All the plants showcased in this guide can be harvested in the United States.

  • They are readily available and free to use.

  • This guide is perfect for anyone, regardless of age, gender or health status.

  • It is created by one of the most famous survival experts alive today.

The Lost Book of Remedies Cons:

  • Lost Book of Remedies is only available online at the moment.

  • It takes some time to read the whole book and learn when to use certain plants.


The Lost Book of Remedies is undoubtedly one of the most complete, complex and useful source of natural remedies you can use today. Even if it takes some time to read the book, you can bet that this massive source of remedies would prove invaluable to you and your family.

You can now finally make use of the secrets our forefathers have been using in the past to stay healthy and live long and happy lives. Gain the peace of mind that you and your dear ones are safe in case of a hazard, war or any other threat.