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Library Opening

The library will be open next week! We will be doing orientation as well as check out. I have attached the schedule. Please look it over and then add to your posted schedule in your classroom.

Teachers, you will be coming with your class and you will be getting "oriented" as well. After that, you will always come with your class to help them locate books and to get to know what books appeal to them and how to guide them to their next book.

It's a way for kids to track and share their reading.

For Grades 2-4, students will be able to go to and keep track of their books and also post reviews of their books (with teacher approval). It is like Goodreads but for kids. I will register your kids for you. We will start using this after library orientation and I will show the kids how to use it.

Library Mornings 7:20-7:45 starting soon!

Beginning after Labor Day, we will be open in the mornings for Grades 2-4 beginning at 7:20. Students will be able to come in and use the iPads for reading as well as working on Puzzles or checking out books. They must have an am library pass. Hallway monitors will put these on students. They must be returned each day.