Athletic Weekly Update

Cross Country

Cross Country

The Humboldt/OWL Cross Country team has had quite a bit of success under new coach Mario Luna. In his first season (2020) at the helm, Luna took home coach of the year honors, and helped runners Stian Asper and Willa Campion break records. This season, the Hawks are primed for post-season success, with not only Campion and Asper returning, but a crew of strong and athletic runners who are hungry to put Humboldt XC on the map.

Interview with Mackenzy Wilson

Question 1: What has been the difference over the past two years that has led to such success in the Cross Country program?

"The new leadership certainly makes a difference" Wilson says of Luna. "Plus the team reckognizes how much potential we have, and we want to represent our schools well".

Question 2: What's one thing you've accomplished this season that you're proud of?

"personally I've pushed myself every day to improve, and I'm impressed with not only my times, but also my mindset. I know realize that working hard directly relates to how well you do; and that's a lesson that can carry over to the classroom and basketball as well".

Question 3: What's one thing you are looking forward to this season?

"I want to see how far we can get both as a team and as individuals. Coach Luna helps push us to our best everyday, and we want to make him proud!"