Intervention 101

End of the Year Info from your Favorite Intervention Team

EOY Testing (Yes, it is actually here!)/ Documentation

End of the Year testing begins next week (5/11). As you complete testing, please plan on making a copy of your Tier II and TIer III students' final Rigby and TPRI tests, as well as their most recent skill checks and/or chapter assessments for Reading Horizons. We will be putting this data in each child's yellow RtI folder. This will give next year's teacher a better picture of each child's strengths and weaknesses. These copies should be given to Kathy or Alicia by the end of your checkpoint meeting on Tuesday, 5/26.

AWARE Paperwork

Please have all of the AWARE Documentation for your Tier II and Tier III kiddos updated/completed before your checkpoint meeting on Tuesday, 5/26.

If you are interested in moving a student to Tier II, you must have the Tier 1 Intervention Documentation form complete prior to the meeting.

Current Tier II and Tier III kiddos will need to have a new Tiered Intervention Plan & Progress Monitoring Form for each of the subjects they have been "tiered" for,

Please refer to your RtI binder and/or ask Kathy or Alicia if you have any questions about these forms.

RtI Binders

Kathy Edwards and Alicia Reyna

Griffith Interventionists