Marcus HS Library Weekly Update

Ms. McGinnis and Ms. Virant

October 26 - October 30, 2020

Happy Halloween!!

This last update of the month is filled with fun stuff!!

A Halloween book trailer from a book that can be found on Destiny eBooks.

Presenting definitions of a “superhero” which is our library theme for this year.

I also found a cool virtual jigsaw puzzle website that you can explore.

Also included some horror books you can find in our MHS library media center.

And last but not least some Halloween craft ideas!!

Have an amazing week and be safe this Halloween weekend!

Don't forget to change your clocks back one hour!!

Ms. McGinnis

Marcus HS Library Media Specialist

Ms. Virant

Marcus HS Library Aide

Define a superhero -

Any person real or fictional regarded as having extraordinary ability or powers in some area or field.
Virtual Jigsaw Puzzles

Click the gray button or the link below. ENJOY!!

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You can gross people out when they feel inside decorated boxes without looking at what they are touching.

Some fun ideas:

Hair – yarn, corn silk or a wig

Brains - cooked spaghetti

Heart – peeled tomato

Eyeballs - grapes

Tongue - banana

Teeth - popcorn kernels or small gravel rocks

Fingers - carrots or hot dogs

Nose - Carrot

Fingernails - almond slivers

Be COVID Safe this Halloween weekend!!

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October 19 - October 23, 2020


Welcome to a new nine (9) weeks!!

We are starting a new nine (9) week period. Wishing you guys all the best!!

This week’s newsletter update is more technology focused providing tips and reminders to help every student.

We are also sharing two new activities from our local public libraries. Mini-Con 2021 by the Flower Mound Public Library and a Virtual Teen Hangout with the Carrollton Public Library. Information about both of these is available below.

Don’t forget to stop by anytime you have any questions. We are here to help you!!

Stay safe,

Ms. McGinnis

Marcus HS Library Media Specialist

Ms. Virant

Marcus HS Library Aide

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1 - Know Your Domains:

There are different types of websites, but not all of them contain trustworthy information. If you are looking up something for school, stick to websites with these domains:

.org = official organizations

.edu = educational (universities, research centers)

.gov = government


2 - Keep Track of Your Passwords. Everyone has many passwords nowadays with schools, multiple email addresses, gaming, social media, etc. Find a plan that works for you and keep it updated.


3 - Always log out and sign off. Don’t leave yourself open to having others see your information.


4 - Use the correct charger when charging your school iPad. This is important to have your iPad run properly and stay charged longer.


5 - Read your emails, it could be important information. Remember to clear out your emails and keep them organized. You can create folders for classes, restaurants, etc. Colleges and universities use email to communicate with you and you might lose out on a scholarship or roommate assignment. Jobs may use email to send your schedules or approve requested time off.

iPad Troubleshooting Tips

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Local Library Information

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October 13 - October 16, 2020


You did it!!

First nine weeks are almost over!!

Short and sweet for this update…...three and a half day week!!! Monday off, exams Thursday and Friday, which is a half day.

I have included some study tips. Reminders are always good when preparing for exams. The schedule is listed below as well.

The library still has new books available. Come in and check one out. Curbside pick up is also still available for virtual students.

NEHS students we have listed a link for you to get Library Service Hours for your point sheet.

Added some current data for the library media center.

Wishing you the best of luck this week.

Ms. McGinnis

Marcus HS Library Media Specialist

Ms. Virant

Marcus HS Library Aide

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Some Helpful Ideas on How to Study for Midterms

  1. Make your own study guide.

  2. Break studying up

  3. Stick to a schedule.

  4. Start early.

  5. Organize a study group.

  6. Stay well-rested.

  7. Turn off your cell phone & avoid social media.

  8. Take breaks.

  9. Try a relaxation technique.

  10. Do your best!

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Friday, October 16, 2020 Release time is at 12:20pm

Click the gray button or the picture above to sign up.

NEHS Library Service Hours Sign Up Genius

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October 5 - October 9, 2020



Welcome to a new month, new newsletter background and lots of information!! Exciting!! Can’t believe it’s October already!!

I have archived the August and September weekly updates, if you would like a copy just email me.

Finally starting to feel a little more like Fall around here. Reminder no school next Monday, October 12th.

I have re-shared the coloring sheets to easily access. Coloring is a great stress reliever as you start to prepare for midterms or finals on October 15 -16. I’ve also shared more stress relievers in preparation for next week.

Also, sharing two presentation platforms that are fun to check out. Slidesgo and Slidesmania are two creative ways to put together Google Slides or PowerPoint slideshows.

Reposting access to Sora, Destiny and Mackin - reminders that they are a huge resource of online materials for reading pleasure or research.

A reminder about our LISD Level Orange status and what that means - please wear those masks and wash your hands. Thank you for keeping each other healthy.

Also, reposting the ClassLinks/LHub access along with our MHS Library Media Center website link.

See you around!!

Ms. McGinnis

Marcus HS Library Media Specialist

Ms. Virant

Marcus HS Library Aide

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Some of My Favorite Stress Relievers

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Creative presentation and

Great way to present something for a class, club, etc. The possibilities are endless.
LISD Level Orange Defined

Click the gray button to go the the LISD website.

ClassLinks - Learning Hub to get to Mackin

Click the gray button for ClassLinks takes you to Mackin for all your library resources!!

Marcus HS Library Media Center Website

Click the gray button to take you to our website.

Marcus High School Library Media Center

Ms. McGinnis, Library Media Specialist and Webmaster

Ms. Virant, Library Aide