Our Land Our Home

The Native's

Group Beginning

We arrived here over 12,000 so don't we have a right to our land more then anyone else? The other groups are basically coming in to our land and destroying our home. Like the loggers cutting down are trees they arrived way after we did and, even though they say they are re planting them it will take YEARS in the future for those trees to get back to the size they were at before the loggers decided to cut them down. Native Amazonian's think " this is our land and our home leave us alone."

How we use the Rain forest (live)

We use the rain forest well... to basically live! We are not harming any of the tree's just very little to use it to help make our shelters but those are usually branches on the ground we are NOT cutting down tons of trees to make money off of it and kill all the living things in the rain forest. Another thing is why don't we get any respect from the rest of the groups besides the environmentalist who just study us, the other groups seem to disrespect on what do. people say what we do is not modern who cares we are not harming the forest like some groups so just leave us and OUR rain forest alone.
Native Amazon Genocide