Prostate cancer treatment effects

Prostate cancer treatment can penis shrinks

Although the diagnosis itself is a heavy blow, researchers claim from Boston that the effects of prostate cancer may be. Felt long after treatment The likelihood of erectile dysfunction increases and some men are left with a smaller penis, which provide the necessary psychological stress can cause.

The investigation was prompted patients complained about a small penis and felt the impact on their sex life. The study shows that removing the prostate in some men the tissue and damages the nerves that control erection. As a result they are left with a smaller penis.

The combination of radiotherapy and hormone therapy may have a similar impact. Dana-Farber/Brigham The doctors of the Cancer Center in Boston interviewed 948 men treated for prostate cancer. 22 percent were younger than 60
Slightly more than half of the patients showed remove his prostate, while 24 percent opted for the combination of hormone and radiation therapy. Another 22 percent received only radiotherapy.

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