Saints Tech Integration Training

Gearing Up for 2014-2015 with Edmodo

Objective: Edmodo Immersion

If you haven't created a teacher account in Edmodo, please follow these steps or watch the following video to create your account. If you are prompted for your campus code, it is pc2sc4. Once you are in, please click join group code 4nu9ms, which is my class code for the training. There you will find a 'cheat sheet' for easy reminders on where things are to get you through the year, however, as with anything the more you use it the more you will understand it.
Edmodo allows you a means to communicate with parents and students via technology, encouraging students to write and submit assignments using Edmodo. It allows your classroom and student learning to become more transparent and available 24/7.

Part I: Kahoot Warm Up

If you are in Edmodo you can access it from there, or simply go to and enter the game pin. Kahoot is a great game based learning tool that is even more beneficial once you have students to begin creating the games for continued learning! Here is also a Kahoot it handout for set up and use.

Part II: Edmodo Use by Teacher

You will learn to create your own group(s) and add your student to that group. We will then go through the various areas and tools available in Edmodo to help you facilitate your classroom learning. Remember that it is a collaborative and 'live' environments where notes or posts are like streaming feeds. Make sure to use the filter tools and teach your students how to use them as well.

Part III: Edmodo A Student Perspective

After you join my group (4nu9ms) you will act as a student, going through some of the various tools available. I will have then create a student account to join your own created group so you can also 'test' your posts or information in Edmodo.

Part IV: Edmodo Apps

Edmodo offers lots of free and a few paid apps that are useful because students' login to edmodo becomes their access to the apps as well. Whatever you assign to the group is what the students will have access to use. Take a few minutes to 'cruise' the app store and find some free ones to add to your class.

Part V: App Smackdown & PLN

Here are some cool tools and apps that I feel will benefit your classroom, and it is also the chance for all of you to share as well. Exchanging ideas and what you have been able to use is the best professional development teachers have with each other! And remember Edmodo is an excellent tool for developing a PLN.
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