Purpose/Leadership/Tactics/Life after:

Cuba has faced many hardship overs the years. Cuba's main problem at the moment is that the food supply is short. This means a revolution for Cuba. Cuba's revolution will not be a huge deal which means the military will not play a role. Cuba's government is a socialist state, which means they would have to help the food supply go up. Almost 25% of Cuba's population lost their homes and some blame the government but it's not their fault because the marketers are the ones not getting the food in on time. After a few months the government fixed the problem and Cuba now has a healthy country with very few problems. Cuba's revolution was not violent, very few people died because they were homeless but the country got up and running within the next few months so I guess Cuba could give a big thank you to the government. After the revolution Cuba has been running smoothly and very few problems occur and even if a problem comes up it is usually fixed within a few weeks which makes Cuba's head of government Raul Castro a trustworthy person.

Land and Climate

The country of Cuba is made of two main islands, Cuba and Isla de la Juventud. Its total area is 42,803 square miles, which is equivalent to 110,860 square kilometers. Low hills and valley cover half of the country . its subtropical climate is 75 degrees which is equivalent to 25 degrees Celsius. The dry season are November to April, the wet season are from May to October.