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Back Handsprings!

A back handspring is actually very simple to do! Though just some advice you need to have handstands and back bends really well.Another bit of advice is that you should probably master them on a trampoline. Even if they sound scary just go and try it!


Aerials are fun but scary things to do!!! You need to be able to do a cartwheel, round-off, one-handed cartwheel, And finally once you get one with no hands ta-da it's an aerial!

Back Walkover

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Tumbling Quotes

"Gymnasts are angels because they are the only humans who can fly."


My first Aerial! (Tumbling)
2wb4nc (stop signs)
How to do a Front Aerial
Round off back handspring full twist

How to do and aerial

Madison Taylor

Caitlin's Round-off Back Handspring Tutorial