Career: ER Nurse



ER Nurse provides first assessments and treatments to patients experiencing medical crisis. An ER Nurse must have quick flexible responses to patients with serious illness and trauma, and must have extensible medical knowledge.


To be a qualified ER Nurse one must have completed a registered nursing program which usually takes 2-4 years earning an associate's or bachelor's degree. Bachelor degrees offer more clinical practice which opens more job opportunities and greater annual salary.


1. UNCG- Have a 3.7 gpa, score in the 50% on the SAT, and 23 on the ACT.

2. UNC- Have a 3.72 gpa, score between 25%-75% on the SAT, 25-31 on the ACT

3. NCCU- Have a 2.75 gpa, score between 52%-65% on the SAT, 17-19 on the ACT


North Carolina- $61,463-$76,409

Mississippi- $79,786-$109,119

Massachusetts- $93,000-$98,000


The projected growth of the nursing field is 19% from 2012-2022
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