Game Engineering

Ricky Xiong

Who am I?

Is reality better, or is virtual reality? Hello everyone my name is Ricky Xiong; I am a sophomore this year and gaming is one of my favorite hobbies. Soccer is another hobby of mine which I like to do a lot of. My goals are trying to pass school and go to college. I want to study in either the medical field or mechanical field. Hopefully I can accomplish what I have come to accomplish.

Essential Question?

My essential question is: What are the technologies behind multiplayer gaming? The reason I chose this topic is because I am curious about what technology is being used behind online gaming. Even though the games is just a disc, how does a gaming system allow it to do online gaming? Therefore it makes me wonder what kinds of technologies they use to make it work they way it works now.

Explanation of Topic

Things that I already know about it, is the fact that it has to run and process first, meaning it has to be up to date and has to download throughly. The things I hope to learn from it is what technologies is being used in that process; also how much serve connection is being used just for one person's gaming system. Another is what has been the connection to connect to other people who plays the same games as you.


So far in my research, I have found out that many of the multiplayer games that you play today has taken a lot of time into production and also takes a huge amount of risk to make the video game. It is said that teams who has created the multiplayer game has invested about 50 to 100% of their development budget. Although the real test is when the game is up for purchase; when it is out, the developers hopes that it'll get a good rating.


This pie chart shows that about the 21 people who took my survey about 17 people liked gaming, and about 3 people didn't play games. This tells me the quantity of people who will play multiplayer games and the quantity of those who don't. This tells about the negative being that some people simply just don't play games and the positive of the people that do play games which can help game designers.
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Gaming Design: Being a Multiplayer Designer...


This is the link where I got most of my information from. It talks about how multiplayer games are designed and how much stress designing multiplayer games put on you. Also how much you have to risk and how nerve wrecking it'll have on you.

Future Steps

My future steps will be finding more about my topic, and how game designers achieve the high level of creating a multiplayer or online games which gives you the ability to talk to you friends or to play along side other people. I plan on trying to find more information that is outside of my topic and adding them towards my collected knowledge to fully understand how a console engine works to produce such great graphics and such good qualities. I hope to find an answer to my question, and hope that it provides me with more knowledge than I already have in stored.


During the entire time that I have researched about my topic I have come to the conclusion of how online gaming is possible. The steps and process that I took to look through and find my information was a very tough time. I had to go through multiply websites to find information about my topic and what is somehow related to my topic. The answer to my question is that, behind the online gaming and the network connections is through the console itself. The serves that are being used to play online games is however part of my answer, but then the tech inside the console is what makes it run. It's the technology being used in the consoles that makes a regular gaming CD run like it was just created-meaning that every thing you do in the game is another way to play the game or another way to enter the game. Through my research it helped me gain knowledge on how it is possible to play online games and how difficult it is to make one. It has taught me many things outside of my essential question and teaching me things that I didn't already know.