Tustumena Elementary Newsletter


How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time

Since there is so much information that you need that it is hard to digest all at the same time, I am putting out several shorter emails, newsletters, and videos. My hope is that you will not ignore any and that you get all the information you need.

One of the "what does the day look like" kind of questions that I did not include in yesterday's newsletter, was after school. The Kasilof Boys and Girls Club received a 21st Century Grant. This is HUGE because it allows ALL students who attend Tustumena to have FREE enrollment. This program includes after school tutoring (not just homework practice time but Ms. Gossett and Mrs. Hanson tutoring students,) a meal, and transportation home. YES, a bus ride home after club. There are two catches, one- students have to be enrolled in KPBSD (district online programs count) and the second catch is you must register before the first day of school. I will include a link.


Even if you only plan to use the program once in a while or not until later in the year, you need to register before school starts so they can staff the program appropriately.

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