An Inquiry into: Who We Are

People change as they grow older.

This IB unit of inquiry spans the entire year. We have been collecting evidence during the school year to highlight the following Lines of Inquiry:

  • Our changing roles and responsibilities (responsibility)
  • Our changing bodies (change)
  • Acquiring new skills and interests (reflection)

Over the next 8 weeks we will really be focusing on an inquiry into the nature of the self; personal, physical, and social growth.

We are requesting that each child bring in the 3 following items as soon as possible:

1) A baby picture we can hang on the wall.

2) An item of baby clothes they wore

3) one other item that shows growth -- they no longer need or use it because they've grown... (bib, pacifier, booties...)


All these things will be returned to you. But still...DO NOT send in your most precious items! (just in case)