November Newsletter

K-Beach Elementary School

A Message from Mrs. Van Slyke

We had such a wonderful experience during our parent teacher conferences! Thank you for your partnership in your child’s education. Our caring teachers are providing an engaging learning environment, which sparks curiosity and a love for learning within each child, but we cannot be successful without our partnership with you. We are grateful for your continued commitment to your child’s learning and please know that we are all working as a team toward the success of your child. Thank you!

A PBIS Update from Mrs. Kvamme

Our students have been working hard and continuing to earn pom poms for positive behavior. We just filled our school pom pom jar again, which means we will be having another school celebration this week! Teachers and students will work together to decide on a celebration for each class. Students often times come up with great celebration ideas!

One of the most important parts of PBIS is ensuring that each student knows the expectations for different areas of our school. Each teacher will be reviewing playground expectations with their class this week.

October Positive Office Referrals

Congratulations to our students who were recognized with Positive Office Referrals during the month of October!

Makoa Coyaso

Bash Zulkanycz

Olivia Minium

Riley Scanlon

Ava Cobbs

Abby Scudder

Joel Espinoza-Nunez

James Clack

Kyler Quelland

Thorvald Galley

Caden Hannevold

Bentley Elmore

Raylynn Douglas Notter

Natalie Bouton

Blessing Kitenge

William Van Vleet

Easton Hahn

Madisen Redder

Genavie Scott

*Listen to our radio interview about Positive Office Referrals on KSRM!*

School Counselor Corner

Mr. Bultsma, our school counselor, continues to add resources to his virtual office that can be found on our school’s website under Find It Fast (select Counselor Corner in the drop down menu).

Primary students (kindergarten through second grades) will notice that he added a ladybug in his virtual office (click here to view) that they can click on for the story that was used to introduce “a bug and a wish.” A bug and a wish is a strategy that students can use to assertively ask for what they need or want instead of tattling on someone who is bothering them.

Intermediate students (third through fifth grades) have been learning about connecting their Sources of Strength to their thoughts and feelings. They watched a short video clip about the important role that flipping our lids play to keep us safe (click here to view). Students learned that flipping their lids is essential to keeping safe in emergency situations; however, flipped lids make problem solving more challenging when BIG feelings interfere with the ability to think more calmly. Future lessons will include finding ways to calm down BIG feelings so students can do their best thinking.

Be sure to ask your children about the skills that they have been learning with Mr. Bultsma when he visits their classroom each week.

October Photos

Caribou Migration

We would like to thank all of those that were involved in the Great Caribou Migration. It was an incredible day of exercise and positive interactions. We raised $20,625! Your support will help us purchase Chromebooks and educational software for our students. Thank you!

Student Who Raised the Most Money: Zoey Stone

Class Who Raised the Most Money: Mrs. Felchle’s Class raised $3520!

Top Student Fundraiser in Each Class:

Kaufman - Scarlett Welch

Krieger - Holly Counter

Bryan - Mackalynn Benson

Felchle - Asher Kircher

Zibell - Karter Talbott

Mayberry - Asher Van Slyke

Erwin - Jaxson Millage

Marcou - Landon Musgrove

Vedders - Henry Schafer

Romatz - Jack Shafer

Bybee - Zoey Stone

Cotroneo - Natalie Stewart

Baker - Tatem Van Slyke

Daniels - Saylore Huntsman-Norman

Klaben - Aiden Gilliam

Smreka - Dakota Rasmussen

Dolphin - Isabella Pulliam

Halverson - Drettalynn Lehr

Student Who Was the Most Creative Fundraiser: Aiden Gilliam

Most Laps Run (top two students for each grade):

Dolphin/Smreka - Luci Salzer (23 laps) - Dotty Brown (21 laps)

Daniels/Klaben Harley Hyatt (27 laps) - Henley Grasso (25 laps)

Baker/Bybee/Cotroneo Landon Gray (23 laps) - Lucas Salzer (19 laps)

Vedders/Romatz Max Cudd (19 laps) - Cason Hartman (19 laps)

Marcou/Erwin Trent Grasso (22 laps) - Kallen Elmore (20 laps)

Felchle/Zibell/Mayberry Reagan Schoditsch (15 laps) - Karter Elmore (15 laps)

Kaufman/Bryan/Krieger Willard King (13 laps) - Uzziel Samarian Ruiz (13 laps) - Regan Webber (13 laps)

Classes with the Most Laps Run in Each Grade:

Kindergarten - Bryan

1st - Felchle

2nd - Marcou

3rd - Romatz

4th - Baker

5th - Klaben

6th - Dolphin

Big picture

A New R.I.G.S. King Has Been Crowned!

Roudy Zulkanycz is the new king of reading here at K-Beach! Roudy read 9,000 minutes last summer! All students and staff read a combined total of 245,372 minutes. Wow!

*Listen to our radio interview about R.I.G.S. with KSRM!*

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