Paperless Environment Highlights

May-Maiden ITRT Goal Reflection 2015-2016

Below you will find a few samples of digital supplements to various lessons/activities that have promoted paperless environments with K-3 teachers in Rockingham County.

Digital Museum with Anne Green in 3rd Grade

Anne had a wonderful idea to turn a triorama project into a digital museum this year with her 3rd Graders. In the past, her kids would create a triorama of an ancient civilization and an accompanying poster of facts. This year, they replaced the poster component with an Adobe Voice slide in which they recorded their own summary of the scene they had created. Projects were set up in the cafeteria to reflect a museum, and students traveled from project to project listening to the explanations of their classmates. Anne was quite surprised that this small tweak in a project she did every year could have such an impact on student motivation. Check out the video below to see her students in action!
Anne Green Digital Museum

Digital Book Reports

The group of 3rd graders featured below took a story map that their teacher generally used each year and showcased it instead with an Adobe Voice presentation.
Adobe Voice in Reading Example

Showbie - Google Classroom Equivalent for the Little Guys

Listen to this student talk about how her 2nd Grade classroom uses Showbie to manage their work! Her excitement is contagious!
What about Showbie?

Writing Showcase

The student below used BookCreator to make her very own book based on research she and her classmates had already conducted about an animal. The students did regular research in the library with no digital components, and then supplemented their research with a digital book including their personal narration of their writing.
Erin's Book- Coyotes

Pic Collage (Kids)

Digital Posters

The students below from varying grade levels and content areas made digital posters to review units and ideas using the PicCollage app.

30 Seconds of Fame

The student samples below show the opportunity that Chatterpix provided to these students to quickly showcase information about ANY topic - whether it was biographical information about Marco Polo or a personal reflection of goal setting. Chatterpix was a fast and easy means of assessment for teachers without paper/pencil as well as a fun experience for the students.

Osborne 13
Zehr 13

Digital Mind Mapping

The samples below reflect the ability to digitally mind map that teachers across the county are facilitating in all subject areas. Mind mapping has always been an important component of learning, and Popplet offers a digital option for this process.