the guarantee Halevy Life

the new guarantee from Halevy Life in Midtown

the new guarantee from Halevy Life in Midtown

That’s the hard-to-believe deal being offered by personal trainer Jeff Halevy, a veteran of the gym business who may be the first to guarantee fitness success or else he doesn’t get paid.Trainers are willing to say anything to lock in a client,” says Halevy, who opened his Midtown gym in 2008 after a stint at Sitaras Fitness. “There’s no accountability. When the client doesn’t get more fit, the gym says it’s the client’s fault. I found that to be absurd."

Here’s the no-fine-print deal on Halevy’s Fitness Guaranteed program: You pay $7,215 for three personal training sessions per week for three months. You do the sessions, which are customized for each client. If you aren’t significantly more fit, you get your money back.

It’s no judgment call. Before the training, Halevy measures clients' fat-muscle ratio in a high-tech tank, checks their strength with weights, and assesses their cardio health by counting their recovery time on a treadmill. There’s also a flexibility test.Then, after the 36 sessions, he repeats the assessments.

Other gyms offer money-back guarantees, but only if you change your mind about membership, not based on your failure to improve.Halevy’s regular clients have embraced his version of the money-back idea, which was quietly launched in November.

They’re so committed to my results jeff Halevy that it makes me even more committed on a sort of deeper psychological level,” says Matthew Fairchild, a 47-year-old fashion executive from Long Island City. “I don’t understand why it isn’t common with trainers and gyms - if they’re so confident in what they’re selling.”

Of course, there’s a catch - but it’s not Halevy’s, but yours.No trainer can go to your house and ensure that you’re undermining your thrice-weekly workout with nightly pints of Chubby Hubby.

The contract only requires you to do the workouts, not eat properly. Halevy says he’ll still refund the money of people who pig out after working out - but he hopes his clients are better than that.

Eating poorly is the most foolish thing that someone could possibly do,” says Halevy.And the proof is in this particular pudding: So far, Halevy hasn’t had to write any checks.