Paper Towns

Author: John Green

Reviewer: Sarah Brumfield

This book is one of the best young adult mystery you'll ever come across. It keeps you on the edge of your chair from the very beginning all-nighter to the mysteries following all the way to the end. Will Margo ever return? Will Q persevere his dreams all the way to the end? One of the major reasons this book is my favorite is because its modern and engaging. Also every time I reread it I always seem to find more quotes that impact my daily life and good aphorisms to live by. The themes for paper towns were especially relatable and it was all around the best book I've ever read. Another key factor that kept me reading to the end was how John Green uses much figurative language to portray real life images, while not making it hard to follow and help the reader understand the book as a whole.
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It's as good as it gets!

Paper Towns MOVIE1!!!11!

John Green Talking about Paper Towns becoming a movie

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