Vincent Van Gogh

Julissa Reyes

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Was Vincent Van Gogh work more important than making money ?

Was Vincent Van Gogh work more important to him , than making money ? Yes. Vincent Van Gogh's artwork was more to him than making money . Making art was his passion. Vincent van Gogh is a well known impressionist painter. He first experience impressionist art in paris , and he was inspired by the color and light. Vincent van Gogh later became influenced by japanese art to enhance his art and life. Vincent van Gogh was supposed to follow his father's footsteps , and become a pastor but he pursued to continue his career choice .

February 1888 , van Gogh left to south france and moved into a little yellow house living on coffee and bread . He spent rather his money on paint than food . Vincent van Gogh enjoyed his work more than the thought of money . Selling his art was his work , but it was more like his hobby . Vincent Van Gogh was passionate about his artwork because , it was his dream. “ I dream my painting and i paint my dream.” Vincent Van Gogh died July 29, 1890 . He shows how loving your work is better than money . Vincent Van Gogh never was concerned about the money his paintings made , because he only sold one painting when he was alive . “ I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” He did die with passion the way he put his heart and soul into his artwork, and that is better than any life with just money and no purpose .

i believe...

i believe that vincent van gogh , went through many problems in his life , and that things were not always good for him. but i know that he was really passionate about his artwork , and that he loved what he did .


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