Louis Pasteur

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  • Born Dec 27, 1822 Dole, France
  • "Founder of Modern Microbiology" Louis Pasteur is named the Founder of Microbiology because he was the first to prove and show how microorganisms work and their affect of people
  • Died September 28, 1895, Marnes- la- Coquette, France

Importance in Microbiology

Pasteur was the pioneer for microbiology, he discovered and proved many theory's that were new to the scientific community, such as:

  • showing that microbes are related/ cause infectious diseases
  • Developed the Germ Theory & proved it
  • Developed vaccines for Anthrax and rabies- some of the first vaccines ever
  • Left an understanding of how microorganisms do the process of fermentation
  • Developed the concept of destroying microorganisms to halt the transmission of communicable disease- led to his vaccines

Pasteur's field of study

  • Pasteur directed his doctorate to crystallography- at this point crystallography was an obscure science not much was done to understand or develop this field
  • Then continued to study other other sciences- chemistry & microbiology

Where did he study?

  • Studied in the college of Arbois and at Besançon, he graduated in 1840.
These were the grade schools he attended.
  • Then École Normale Supérieure of Paris was where he went to college- is/was a very prestigious school

How long did he study?

  • He finished all of grade school
  • Spent 4+ (no exact years were given) years as a student at the Ecole Normal
  • Continued studying while he was a professor

Other scientist influenced by Pasteur?

  • His work influenced other young scientists such as Robert Koch, Emile Roux, and Charles Chamberland
  • Most advances within microbiology have been influenced by Pasteur's work

Other information

  • Had lots of support from the leaders of the Hygienist movement- proved all of their claims
  • Was a student while also being a professor
  • His work helped save the French beverage industry- beer, wine, etc were constantly spoiled before they could be sold/ exported because of microorganisms
  • Found a way to pasteurize milk- his work greatly helped agriculture and the quality of life during this time


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