Extracurricular Updates

NJHS, MathCOUNTS, Speech & Debate, Geo Bee, and History Bee

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)

On December 17 the AMS Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society hosted its annual Spaghetti Supper fundraiser. The Spaghetti Supper committee had worked for months to plan this event, securing donations from many sponsors: Sam's Club, Frank's Roman Pizza, Ingles, TGIFridays, Atlanta Bread, Carrabba's, Fresh Market, Sunny Point Cafe, and Bob and Judy Garrison. Over nine hundred dollars was raised. Four hundred and fifty dollars will be donated to Manna FoodBANK. The rest of the of the proceeds will stay with NJHS to support its leadership programs. Thank you to everyone who supported this great event.

This January the NJHS Service Committee will be sponsoring a school wide canned food drive to raise food for Manna FoodBANK. This event, called the Souper Bowl, will last four weeks and will pit each grade level against each other in four quarters of competition. The Souper Bowl champion grade level will receive glory and honor and their grade and year on a plaque that will move with us to the new building. Start collecting cans today!


The MathCOUNTS Club has been meeting every Thursday for months in the pursuit of stimulating math problems. In November, MathCOUNTS members, along with a handful of other students had the opportunity to take the American Mathematics Competition 8. In January, these mathletes will take a MathCOUNTS practice test. All of this information, plus observations from the weekly practices will help determine which students will represent the club and the school at the Regional MathCOUNTS competition on February 5 at T.C. Robeson High School. Last year, Asheville Middle School's team took first place in the region. This year our dedicated group of adults making MathCOUNTS happen is Celia Melville, seventh grade math teacher; Kern Parker, volunteer extraordinaire; and Mary Nichols, AIG Specialist.

Each week on the MathCOUNTS website, they publish a problem of the week. Here is this week's problem.

Snow Day Probability

When the weatherman says the chance of snow in the city is a certain percent, this is a measurement called “Probability of Precipitation.” The “Probability of Precipitation” is the chance of precipitation occurring in any area of the city. The formula for Probability of Precipitation is PoP = C × A, where C is the percent chance precipitation will occur somewhere in the city, expressed as a decimal, and A is the fraction of the city that will receive precipitation.

If the weatherman determines there is 45% chance of snow for 89% of the city, what will he announce on his weather report as the chance of show for the entire city? Express your answer to the nearest whole number percent.

The city of Chillville is anticipating snow. If there is a 70% probability of precipitation tomorrow in the city of Chillville based on an x percent chance that 4/5 of the city will receive snow, what is the value of x? Express your answer to the nearest hundredth.

The students at Jack Frost Middle School are anxious to know the likelihood they will have a snowday. In order for there to be a snowday more than half of their school district must receive snow. If their school district covers 67% of the city of Chillville and there is 100% chance that it will snow somewhere in the city, what is the minimum PoP for the city of Chillville that guarantees the students will have a snowday? Express your answer to the nearest whole percent.

Speech and Debate Team

The members of the AMS Speech and Debate Team threw a surprise celebration for their coaches from Asheville High on Monday, December 14. They celebrated with a sundae bar, but not for long, as they had work to do. Each member of the team is working on one of four areas: Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Public-Forum Debate, Student Congress, or an Individual Event. For more information about these events, visit the National Speech and Debate Association, formerly known as the National Forensics League. For more information, contact Jo Landreth, who facilitates the team.

Geo Bee

National Geographic sponsors a Geo Bee each year for students in the fourth through eighth grades. Asheville Middle School has been participating in this for decades. in January, each student will have the opportunity to participate in a classroom level bee on his/her team. Each classroom bee will include seven rounds of questions. Next, the top ten scorers in the school will move on to the School Level Bee on Monday, January 25 at 8:45 in the auditorium. If there are more than ten students with the top score, per Geo Bee contest rules, a tiebreaker round will be held. The student who wins the School Level Bee will go on to complete an exam that will be sent to National Geographic headquarters in Washington, D.C. If our winner is one of the top one hundred scorers in North Carolina, s/he will move on to the state level bee. The winner of the state level bee moves on to the final competition, which is held in Washington, D.C. The national winner receives a $50,000 scholarship. National Geographic publishes practice questions daily on their website.

History Bee

This will be Asheville Middle School's first year competing in the History Bee competition. Interested students will have the opportunity to compete in an Intramural Competition on Tuesday, January 5. Top scorers will move on to the Online Qualifying Exam. The top ten students in the region will then move on to a live Regional Final. The Regional winner will move on to the National Competition in Chicago in the spring.

Students interested in studying can access sample questions and a study guide online.