7 characteristics of a civilization



Means to communicate.Because if we don't talk to each other we would never learn , never write , we would never learn the subjects .They created the language to talk too each other . In Mesopotamia they communicated each other by gestures .Today we know how to talk , write , speak , call .


Because with art we draw , express our feelings .With draw we express our feelings , sometimes we draw our life , or something that is happening ... In Mesopotamia they did Art of what is happening , or a war , They did Art to say about their lifes . Today we draw too express our feelings , or somenthing creative that that person imagined


We need Religion because its ways that you think of GOD ...It's also a way that a family shows what they are thankful for and some families grow up with a religion because of their parents .In Mesopotamia Religion was a IMPORTANT civilization .Today we know which Religion we are , Christianity , Judaism or Islam


We need government too help us with laws , order a state , community and a Nation . Government its when the political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members. Mesopotamia was ruled by kings. The kings only ruled a single city though, rather than the entire civilization.Today we have politics , laws , administration , cares .


We need technology for a best future .Technology its new inventions , technical objects .In Mesopotamia technology was when they invented new inventions , something that we are in need .Today we have technological objects , new things that we will need in the future .

Surplus of food

We need surplus of food too help people in need or keep to eat after .Surplus is an extra food or things that we need to keep . In Mesopotamia people kept the extra food to eat after , and it was very good because it was difficult to find food . Today when there is surplus of food we give to someone that is in need .

Social Classes

We need social classes to divide people in social and economic status . Social classes are people divided in economical status like in education , and occupation .In Mesopotamia people were divided in social groups :Kings , priests , warriors , and government officials belong on the upper classes .The middle classes consisted of merchants , farmers , fishers , and artisans . In lowest classes were the criminals and people that could not pay their debts .Today we divide in economy status or in social status .
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mesopotamian art
History of Art 3. Ancient Mesopotamia