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Lakeway TX Family Dentist - Fighting With Your Teeth Problems?

Lake Travis Dentistry can be a well recognized family dentistry operating out of Austin TX. This dental office is supervised by Dr. David Panahi, a nicely known name in dentistry science.

This organization is tremendously appreciated with the patients in addition to their families for delivering one of the most comfortable dentistry strategies to the down sides of your respective dental health. They always stick with maintain a professional sterilization process, using distilled water and even more to meet the main needs of avoiding contaminations.

The advanced techniques made use of by the Lakeway TX Family Dentist , helps a lot to comforting the patients. In addition to that, their expert team is careful about minimizing the concern with dental treatments in the patient’s minds. To make these best results, the corporation has implemented processes like, Kodak digital x-rays, Kodak digital x-ray sensors, Kodak digital panoramic, Kodak intraoral cameras. In addition to that they already have introduced one of the most comfortable dental chair, Adec 511. The dental office offers overhead patient monitors permit the patients see x-Rays, pictures from my intraoral camera or watch television with headphones. LED Dental lights are accustomed to produce the best lightening effects with color matching facility and superior view to the team. The highly advanced Dental Magnifier enables you to visualize the patients’ teeth three times larger and clearer. Soft tissue diode Laser is commonly used in gum countering and surgeries. Digital (paperless) computer charting, accurate documentation is commonly used to preserve a greater environment.

In regards to the Team:

The team of Dr. David Panahi includes specially trained dental hygienist, highly efficient treatment coordinator, lead assistant and dental assistant to cater oral care strategy to everyone.

Promotional Offers:

Dr. Panahi with his fantastic expert team works together the vision of rendering the best services on the patients with the most cost effective charges. They have also introduced great dental treatment solutions that could highly great for keeping a nicely maintained oral health.

1. Their $89 Cleaning process with finest quality Ultrasonic instruments to the detailed study of your oral health plus a full group of ‘Kodak Digital X-Rays’.

2. The $99 ‘OPALESCENCE Tres White Take ‘, a residence Whitening Kit is available on their patients.

Besides these, the dental office offers reasonable prices for other services. Dr. Panahi has earned great recognitions from his patients just for this Lake Travis Dentistry. Philip Fox, a consistent patient claims, “Dr. Panahi with his fantastic team are perfect. I offend experience various dental issues and are generally really the only place I visit for the most affordable and easy solutions.”