Jaida Santiago

Colonial Times

Table of Contents

Chapter 1- Colonial Times

Chapter 2- Food In Colonial Times

Chapter 3- The Adventures of Sarai

Chapter 4- Hard Work For Women
Chapter 5- How To Make Stew

Colonial Times


During Colonial times it was hard for people to make clothes. It was also hard to make houses because the families had very little money. Animals they hunted were used for wool they could use for blankets and pants and shirts and pupping hats for padding on the inside and they could use the meat from the animal to meat so that they could eat and stay healthy.


During Colonial Times they had a person called the spinner she made blankets ,clothes ,socks ,hats ,breeches ,shirts and nightshifts. Some things they used was flax and spun it with a needle and fabric. It would take months to make 1 shirt because flax is hard to grow. Sheep wool was used to make hats and blankets because sheep wool is warm.


During colonial times. The people that lived there once they arrived they had to build their houses right when they arrived to stay safe from the Abenakis. In the home there is no running water or no toilets there was on big room where everyone hung out in because in the winter they loved that room because it had a big fire place. They had no glass windows. They used the fire place to cook meals on.

Animals They Hunted

During colonial times they hunted food some foods. They hunted sheep for the meat and when they were done they used the skin for blankets. They also hunted deer they hunted deer for food and they definitely used the skin of the deer for blankets. They hunted fish for good protein. They hunted moose for fattening and for the animal skin because moose skin was soft and fluffy it is really god for coats and socks. They also hunted horses so they could have something to ride.


During colonial times they had resources to live with like trees, lakes, rivers crops and wet lands. They used those things because the wetlands meant they were close to drinking water so they could drink.


During colonial times it was hard for colonists to survive. It was hard for colonists because they had to make their clothes they had to build their own houses they had to hunt their own food to eat last but not least they had to use the resources they were given. That is why it was hard for the colonists to survive.

The Adventures of Sarai

There was a girl named Sarai, she is 22 years old. She don’t go to school but sometimes her mom teaches her how to read and do math. She has blonde hair and green eyes. She is married to her husband, Matt. They have 1 daughter and her name is Eliyana.

One morning Sarai, Matt, and Eliyana woke up because they heard the sounds of bang, bang, pop, pop. So Matt and Sarai jumped out of their sheep wool blankets and went to see what all the noise was. They didn’t know what all the noise was but they thought it was just a deer or something. They got back under their cozy blankets and went to sleep.

The next morning Matt went out to chop wood and he noticed Sarai’s crops were gone. Matt yelled to Sarai, “Come outside our crops are eaten.” Sarai comes running down the creaky stairs. Sarai saw the missing crops. “Oh my Gosh.” Matt and Sarai said that they should build a trap. Bright and early the next morning they gathered stuff to make the trap. Later that afternoon they built a trap .They used a rope, some netting that they got from their neighbors house, and a shovel the Abenaki’s left a long time ago. They dug the hole with their shovel it had to be a deep hole for the Bear.

The next morning Sarai, Matt and Eliyana got out of there warm comfy blankets and went down to the woods. Then they went outside to see the trap that was made out of rope and some netting and nothing was in the trap . So they decided to build another trap. They built a trap with peanut butter. So the bear would smell the peanut butter and eat it. Then they walked away so the bear would come and eat the peanut butter and fall in the trap and hopefully fall asleep.

The next morning they woke up and went outside to see if they caught the bear. They slowly walked over to the hole and looked down to see if the bear was in there. Sarai says, “ Matt come quick, I think we caught the bear”. Eliyana was so curious she walked over to see if they caught the bear with her mom. They caught the bear and it was sleeping. Eliyana thought the bear was going to wake up and try to eat her. They quietly lifted up the rope with the bear in the trap. It took all their strength to get the bear up, they even had to ask the neighbors to help.

After they got the bear out of the trap the bear started to wake up. Because of the bear starting to wake up, they had to cut the bear so it wouldn’t hurt anyone. Then they took the bear meat inside and they cooked it for dinner. It was a lot of meat so they were able to preserve the meat for later. They understood that if they had a lot of meat and they wasted it instead of preserving it they would die with out saving it for the next day. Then the crops started to grow again!!

Focus Essay

Fire was important to the colonists because they used fireplaces to cook food.


It was important during colonial times that they had fire. They had fire inside an outside. Some of the things they used fire was for cooking because they need to eat to survive. The fire also gives you warmness during the winter. Next the fire you can pre-heat meat with the fire. These are the reasons why fire was important in colonial times.

Foods They Made

Foods they made in colonial times were important because they need to eat. Some foods they made are stew, beans, baked bread, baked beans and veggies. They made the corn by growing it as a crop and waiting for a while and then picking them then they took the corn off the cob. They grew the veggies on a farm. These are the reasons why foods they made was important.


Hunting was important. They needed meat to live. The men only hunted and the women cooked what the men hunted. Some foods they hunted were deer, moose. After the women cooked it they would eat it. They skinned the animal they hunted and used the fur. This is why hunting was important.


Crops were important. They needed crops to live. Some crops they planted were succotash , corn, carrots, potatoes, and squash all the food gives them energy. Only the women planted the crops. They also dried the fruit for the winter. That is why crops were important.

They used fireplaces to cook food. Fire was important to the colonists. The crops came from the farm and the wood came from the woods.

Money Now And Then

10 year olds today earned money differently than they did in Colonial Times. For example ,we earn money by doing chores, Holidays and also on Birthdays. But in Colonial Times the only way they could earn money was if they were indentured servants. Then they would have to give the money they earned to their parents to trade with the Abenaki’s for more goods and money. Now when we earn money we can keep it and spend it.

How To Make Stew

Have you ever wondered how colonial people cooked? Well that’s why I am here to tell you how they cooked. Some foods they made were stew, beans, veggies and baked bread. They needed food to survive but I am here to tell you how they cooked stew and stew only.


Foods they made like stew we still have today but they made it differently back then. To make stew you have to put a pot over fire and the water has to be boiled. After that they added the veggies and then boiled all the veggies all together then after the veggies are cooked they have to cook the meat but they cook the meat separately so the veggies don’t burn because they are already cooked. Then after the meat is cooked they add the veggies to the meat then they eat what the girls have cooked.

They made foods like stew. I have hoped you have learned how to cook stew. Stew was a big deal in colonial times.


Life in colonial times was difficult. Let me tell you a little bit about homes.Once the colonists arrived they had to build there houses right away to be safe. Know let me tell you about animals they hunted. Some animals they hunted were sheep, deer, cows, moose and horses for riding. Finally let me tell you about some foods they made. They made baked bread, stew and beans. Would you ever want to live in colonial times?


Crops- food you grow in the ground.

Flax- a type of plant that takes awhile to grow.

Gathered- to collect something.

Preserve- to save and store something.

Resources- materials you use to build or live off of.

Succatash- a plate of vegetables.

Trap- something you set up to catch something in.

Wool- a type of material that comes from sheep fur.