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If you are looking for authenticity and original designs, you're in the right place.

PureCopperCreations is a new Etsy store that you want to be a part of. We are looking for people to join us on this great adventure. What do we offer? Authenticity, style, and original jewelry pieces.

By being a part of the PCC newsletter you will never miss out on discounts, new items, and future plans. And we have great future plans, believe me. Also, from time to time, we will help educate you on the metals and stones we use. I know you're thinking that we are yet another store selling stuff, but we are not selling "stuff". We are selling what you are looking for.

As search engines try to be smarter, they are starting to think too much instead of us. Sometimes you just want something you didn't think of. A design you didn't imagine, but it looks great. You want to buy your best friend something that screams her name. You want to buy your husband a manly bracelet. You want to buy yourself something you never saw before. That's exactly what we are offering.

As our little shop grows, so will the options and variety of items. We're going to add gemstones, silver, Czech glass, and more. Right now, we offer great retro-styled solid copper items. I need to stress the solid copper part.

We tried to find copper wire within the jewelry supplier industry and we failed. Most wires are copper colored but are in fact steel or aluminum. We took a different road and went to construction. Electrical wires, new copper pipes, copper plates. We found our copper and you found us. You see, things like this copper fact will also be a part of your newsletter.

And if you don't like us? You can always unsubscribe, we won't be upset. We'll just work harder at making a better newsletter. Worried we'll spam you? We probably won't send more than a couple of e-mails a month after the welcome mail. Why? Because we will always be busy making new designs, collections, and concepts. Once we are done with the jewelry, that's when you'll get a quick "hello" and we're off again.

So if you like jewelry, a good read every now and then, defying the odds, and adventure join us because we like all those things too.

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