3 Period Infographic

By Mitch Maxwell

Post-War AR

following world war 1, the beginning of a new decade brought renewed hope and economic improvements to most Americans. New advances in technology changed peoples lives in dramatic ways. Electricity, the telephone, the automobile, and other time saving inventions.

The New Deal

was to create specific agencies and government programs to help feed those without food, provide work for the jobless, and build a healthy economy.

Oil and Boom Towns

the first big Oil discovery happened near the small southern town of El Dorado in Union County. People from all over came to strike it rich or for steady work. In a few short years El Dorado was home to 59 oil companies and about 30,000 residents.

Flood Of 1927

the flood of 1927 broke levees and devastated peoples lives, animals , and property in states of Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Growing Violence

The KKK or "Ku Klux Klan" Intimidated, beat, and lynched hundreds of black citizens. Sometimes they attacked Jews, Catholics, moonshiners, gamblers, and foreign immigrants.

Growing Roads

Creating modern roads proved to be one of the biggest challenges facing the state government in the early 1900s. government leaders had no master building plan, instead counties had their own road improvement districts responsible for funding and constructing modern roads.