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Once all of the measures have been taken to insulate

Keeping a Sunroom Warm in the Winter

The use of Sunrooms Atlanta is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors without having to leave the house. However, during the colder months, the space can be uncomfortable if it’s not connected to the heating system that is warming the rest of the home. To avoiding letting this space go to waste a full season, here are some ways to keep it warm during the winter.

Keep Heat from Escaping

Before a homeowner is able to supply a sunroom with heat, they need to take some steps to ensure that they aren’t fighting a losing battle. There are a few effective insulation methods, such as placing weather stripping around the windows and doors. Also, caulking areas between the wall and frame. In cases where the windows aren’t double pane or high performing glass, add a layer of plastic over them to keep warm air inside. Some even take it a step further and add insulated drapes for an additional layer, but it is important to open them up during the day so that the room will absorb more heat. Finally, cover wood or tile floors with thick rugs or carpet pads to keep feet warm on the otherwise cold surfaces.

Add Heat

Once all of the measures have been taken to insulate the space, start taking steps to warm the sunroom. Consider adding an electric fireplace or a space heater to the room if there is adequate ventilation. There is no need to run these unless the room is being used though. Always unplug a space heater when the room isn’t being used. Also, if there is a ceiling fan in the room, flip the setting so that the warm air on the ceiling is forced downward.

Make sure that there are always nice warm throws and blankets where people will be sitting. Keep them stored in a basket when not in use. This will allow everyone to remain comfortable while waiting for a room to heat up when the heater or fireplace are first turned on.

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