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For so many of us teachers it is often hard to see the connections between what we teach across grades. Having the opportunity to visit many classrooms, I can tell you I am excited to see these connections happening.

The 6th grade students have been learning about ratios. Building a strong foundation in ratios is a huge part of the 6th grade curriculum and is carried over into proportionality in the 7th grade. While visiting Ms. Lawrence's Geometry class at the high school, (10th and 11th graders), I got to experience her students using the ratio knowledge they carried up with them to learn and practice dilations. Even in the high school geometry classroom the students still have to use the same terminology (similar, corresponding, congruent) that they learned in middle and junior high schools; only now they need that background knowledge in order to apply it in different ways! Where in the lower grades, students use ratios and proportionality to determine similarity of figures, geometry is using the same concept to determine dilation factor (scale factor) in transformations (dilations).

It truly excites me when I can see the math background knowledge of our students being used and brought out. If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a math department to raise math student. We are all in this together!

Curriculum Ideas

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