Kindergarten Newsletter

February 5

Box Tops

The next Box Tops contest is currently underway! The class with the most Box Tops turned in by February 26th will win a class party! Ask family, friends and neighbors to help! This is an easy way to again earn free money for your school! As a reminder, we will send home baggies you can put them in and send to school. Make sure your child's teacher is written on the bag so they get credit! You can also send in any Coke rewards, Kelloggs codes, Labels for Education or Loaves for Learning UPCs you may have in the baggies. Deadline is again Friday, February 26th.

Our fall contest alone brought in a total of $581.40! Way to go! If you would like more information on how to support Crestview through Box Tops, what products to look for or to track progress, please go to

We still have t-shirts if anyone is interested in ordering one. Please if interested!

Q & U Wedding

Friday February 12th is a BIG day in Kindergarten. Q is always followed by U. In order to help the kindergarteners remember that Q and U always go together they will be getting married! Our assistant principal Mrs. McDonald will officiate the ceremony followed by a dance and cupcakes. Students are encouraged to dress up for the wedding :-)

Friendship Party

Below is our class List for our Friendship Party. Cards/treats are welcome on or before Friday, February 12th

















Star Words

I, see, a, the, is, it, like, am, at, an, and, in, my, look, go, are, on, was, he, she, you, me, by, can, this, for, not, said, will, come, went, up, here, that, play, has, have, his, her, had, they, from, of

Important Dates

Monday, February 8th 5-7pm Culver's night

February 11 & 16 Conferences

Friday, February 13 Friendship Party and Q & U Wedding

February 15 NO SCHOOL Presidents' Day

February 26 Last day to bring in box tops

A Peak at Next Week

Theme: Friendship & Penguins

Phonics: et word family

Math: skip counting, representing numbers in different ways

Star words: from, of

Shared Reading: Make A Valentine