A Southern Colony

Founded by James Edward Oglethorpe.

For the relief of poor English and a buffer between Spanish Florida and The Carolinas.

Georgia was a melting pot of religions, except Catholics.

The War of Jenkins Ear

1739-1744 southern Georgia and Florida was a battleground.

-The Siege of St. Augustine in 1740

-The Battle of Bloody Marsh in 1742

The War of Austrian Succession (1742-1748)

The War of Jenkins Ear was nothing compared to this because of the cost. Georgia had to become self-sufficient, as the English Parliament could not support the colonies and war.

Population Colonial Georgia (1790)

Total population- 82,548

Slaves- 29,264

John Adam Treutlen- Georgia's first elected governor.

A typical person in Georgia lived on a plantation, many of which had slaves (after 1751).

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Mainly Plantations with cotton, indigo, rice, and tobacco.

No slaves until 1751.

No cotton until the cotton gin was invented in 1793.

American Revolution

Georgia was hesitant to join the revolution at first but sympathized with the other colonies on trade and taxation.

Jimmy Carter

The only president from Georgia.

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