Here's How You Do It

Make Your Own Deal

Remember that new business down the block that just opened up and needs some new Customers?

  1. You approach the owner who says he could offer a $50 voucher for $25.
  2. You submit the signed contract electronically to Swargain.com
  3. You share with 20 of your friends who also buy, they share with their friends who buy another 60, and other Swargain users buy another 300 for a total of 380 sold.
  4. You earn a commission of $594 and get a check from Swargain.com – not too shabby for getting a deal at a new restaurant and sharing with your friends!

Note: Swargain adds a listing fee to deal which will reflect on the site ($31.25 = $25 + Listing Fee of $6.25)

Crazy Potential

In September, 2011 Whole Foods Market offered daily deal that was $20 worth of food for $10. It sold 1 million vouchers for gross revenue of $10 million. In our commission structure that would net the deal originator 80k!!!! See our commission structure in the FAQ's on Swargain.com and visit the "Make A Deal" page.

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