DMS Weekly Opportunities

March 28, 2016


  • This week all staff members may wear jeans on Tuesday and Wednesday due to STAAR Testing. Even if you are not a testing grade level this is a team effort and everyone is affected in one way or another so everyone is included!
  • College Shirt Day with jeans is this coming Monday, so don't forget!

Bells Will Be Turned Off Tuesday and Wednesday


Due to STAAR Testing the bells will be turned off. Please make sure you are following the clock on your computer and that you have your bell schedule handy to refer to. Everyone will need to pay close attention to keep the transitions between classes smooth for non testing grade levels.

After Testing - 7th and 8th Graders

7th Period Teachers,

Dana is working to have a movie ready on Tuesday and Wednesday for the testing grade levels. Please DO NOT announce this ahead of time because we want students focused on the test, but assuming we are on schedule and all finished we will show a video during 7th period only.

April Student Incentives

We are working on a Spring Reward for students with absolutely no discipline to earn at the end of April. We will start talking to students about it during lunches this week. As soon as we have the details worked out we will send you the dates and times so you can plan accordingly.

Summatives are Coming!

For those of you evaluated under PDAS, get ready for your summative! Administrators will start scheduling Summative Conferences beginning as early as next week. Your summative paperwork will be given to you 5 days in advance along with a waiver form. If you choose to waive your summative conference you will follow the instructions in the form. We will send out an email next week with more detailed directions.